Due to the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), the practice will charge £45 extra for Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP).



Consultation for a new patient £45
Consultation for existing patients  £45
Digital Small x-rays each £20
Hygienist  £65-£85
Periodontal (gum disease) treatment per

session depending up the severity of the disease 

£85- £250
Silver/Amalgam (bonded) white composite  £85 – £400
Gold inlay/inlay  £450 – £600
Ceramic inlay/ onlays £600 – £900
Full gold crowns  £450- £460
All-ceramic crowns       £500 – £750
Veneers                                                                                      £450-£800
Re-cement Crowns/Bridge                                                                   £68-£180
Root fillings                                                                                               £250-£650
The price includes –rays, antibacterial

dressing and temporary fillings. It will take up to

2 sessions to complete treatment . Additional

sessions if required for infected  Canals + Additional dressing per canal.   

Extractions                                                                       £85-£300
Tooth whitening in office                                                                  £ 475
Home whitening-upper and lower    £250   
Spare tooth whitening gel syringe (x4)                                                       £85 
Sports Guard  £155-£250
Implants (on consultation)             (From) £1500
Orthodontic treatment  Fixed &/or Removable retainers £2500- £4000
Incognito/Lingual braces  £3000-£6000
Spare retainer  £300
Invisible braces Including the fixed and/or removable braces £2250- £4000
additional £150
Complete upper & lower Set (Acrylic)                                  £1650-£1800
Partial lower or upper Dentures (Acrylic)                                                   £450-£800
Flexible lower or upper  Dentures                                                                  £650-£1200
Chrome lower or upper Dentures £1150-£1400
Additional Cost:

(1) per denture soft lining                                                          

 (2)Per Tooth-colored clasp £65
Additional of tooth to denture                                                                                 £85
Repair of Denture £85-£200
Botox By Consultation
Juvederm & Restylane Fillers  By Consultation


Please be reminded that the price varies depending on the size depth and location of the cavity, and the complexity of the treatment of which you will be informed.